Our successes so far include:

  • Extended Parent-Teacher Conferences: CEJ's advocacy resulted in a $5 million initiative to offer 30-minute, one-to-one parent-teacher conferences to the families of every child who scored below grade level on the new Common Core assessments. At these conferences, parents and teachers will discuss the child's strengths and challenges and concrete activities to do at home to help the child progress. Click here for a flier to spread the word about this initiative.
  • Middle Grades: CEJ’s efforts led to the establishment of a Middle School Success fund of almost $30 million to support comprehensive reform in low performing middle grade schools.
  • Academic Intervention Services: After city test scores plummeted, a CEJ-led campaign resulted in a Department of Education initiative of $10 million to provide additional tutoring to struggling students at 532 schools across the city.
  • Science Labs: The Brooklyn Education Collaborative won $444 million from the Department of Education to build science labs in every middle and high school by 2010.
  • Teacher Quality: The Community Collaborative to Improve District 9 Schools created the Lead Teacher Program, which puts master teachers in schools to support the development of other teachers. The program expanded to include more than 100 schools citywide.